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One Bottle Method - Recipes & Uses

Here is an indication of how versatile soapnuts are as a chemical free cleaner...

I have one spray bottle. Just any old, ordinary pump pack spray bottle. Inside is 200ml soapnut liquid concentrate and approximately 6 drops of pure orange essential oil.

I carry it from room to room, spraying and cleaning, one bottle, one liquid, for all uses!

From prune stains on cream carpets (toddlers!), to the doorhandles, a quick spritz on the bare mattress (to make it smell fresh), to the bathroom vanity unit and chrome taps. Grab a recycled paper towel, onto the toilet, shower, then the paper towel gets flushed.

On to the kitchen and off with the sultanas on the tiles, mess on the bench and grime on the stove top.

No worries, no hassles, perfectly clean... and it all smells like fresh oranges (or your favourite essential oil)!

If I get some spray onto my hands I know it'll leave them soft and conditioned, not dry and smelling of bleach! The bottle gets put back behind the kitchen sink to be used as a hand cleanser again.

Soapnuts are skin-friendly, nose-friendly, upholstery friendly, but not germ friendly...

Make your own liquid soapnut concentrate and experience the amazing versatility of this wonderful product!