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Recipes & Uses for Soapnuts

Soapnuts are so versatile, they can be used to clean just about everything! They act as a detergent, a personal cleanser and shampoo, a general purpose cleaner, car wash, pet wash, vegetable wash, carpet and upholstery cleaner...

Soapnut Liquid


Soapnuts are most commonly used as a laundry detergent. They are used instead of chemical detergents and fabric softeners. Soapnut shells are used simply on their own in a washnet or toe of an old stocking, and put into the machine with your clothes. They do not need to be removed during the rinse cycle as there is no harmful or irritating residue as is left over from normal detergents. The surfactants in the nuts cleans and softens your laundry in one economic and environmentally friendly swoop!

We have personally tested them extensively in our washing machine and are very satisfied with their ability to clean anything and everything, including baby clothes and nappies, delicates and silks, woolens, towels and muddy bathmats and even sweaty work clothes from gardening, as well as pet bedding and horse blankets.


Another popular use for soapnuts is soapnut liquid. It is so simple to make your own multi-purpose cleaner with soapnuts.

The concentrate can be used as is or diluted for all your cleaning requirements, such as:

  • laundry liquid (1-2 tbs in the detergent drawer)
  • hand soap (use in a foamy pump pack)
  • shampoo (replaces shampoo and conditioner together, try a spray bottle!)
  • pet shampoo (leaves hair soft and silky, will also repel fleas, mites, ticks, mosquitoes etc)
  • general purpose cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom (use with a cloth from the jar or spray bottle)
  • carpet cleaner (spray or sponge onto stain and blot clean)
  • dishwasher soap (liquid in dispenser section with optional 1 tbs vinegar as a rinse aid)
  • pest spray (use spray bottle to spray bugs on plants)
  • glass cleaner (1 tbs soapnut liquid, 1 tbs vinegar and 1 cup water)