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What Others Are Saying About Soapnuts

Join the Soapnut Revolution!

Everyone who we know who has used soapnuts have been pleasantly surprised and very happy with their clean laundry.

Here we have a couple links with comments from people who are using them.
(above is a YouTube link from a soapnut company in the USA. Not associated with us but nicely descriptive).

Comments from our customers:

"I am still so happy with the Wild Soapnuts and their performance... I used some of the foamy spray on a few grubby marks on the kids car seats, left in on while I did the rest of the car and then wiped the foam and marks off with a cloth - did a great job!"
- Tenielle, That's Green, Baby!
"I've been using Soapnuts for a few months now, and it has made a difference to my 'laundry day'.
I use the 'eco wash' setting on my machine, which can sometimes leave a soap residue on my clothes with normal detergent.  Soapnuts don't leave those marks, and still get the clothes clean - so no stress there!... I also use the nearly worn out nuts to prewash my fabrics for sewing.  I wash all my reenactment clothing with them.  I trusted my 1880's cotton teagown to a washing machine and soapnuts - and it came out great!"
-Erica Irwin

"The oil we use here is water soluble oil.   I wash the towels in cold water with 5 nuts as our machine is an 8kg size. The towels are air dried until almost dry then I put them in the drier to make them fluffier.  There is no stiffness in the towels which I would expect if the oil is not washed out completely and there are certainly no oil marks on the towels when dry. I am happy for you to refer the sceptical to me if you like."
-Jasmine Peris, Practitioner, PinPoint Health

"I noticed on the 2 washes I have already done that the clothes feel softer"
-Julie, Hillbank, South Australia